Walking with God


Let me start by introducing myself. I am a wife and boy mom. I have 3 beautiful, amazing boys who are nothing short of gifts from God. I know everything I have been through in life has been used as stepping stones and growth but I truly feel like my life began when I got married. It was a whole new chapter! Not to say everything has been easy and peachy but we have grown together, and these boys have added to our growth and blessings as a married couple. Now, I of course have to tell you about them and brag a little. My oldest is 9 and has a beautiful soul. He knows when to give me that hug when needed and loves to do the right thing. He is so smart and is already off to amazing adventures in life with his creativity! My little middle cutie is 6 and is the sweetest spice of life! He keeps us laughing with his cute little jokes and dancing! And my little caboose is a fiery redhead just like his mommy! He is so full of life and keeps us on our toes!

My husband and I’s favorite verse has always been Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you…” I started my journey by becoming a pediatric physical therapist and was licensed 14 years ago. I knew God had led me to only work with children. That is my passion without a doubt! While I was in college, God gave me a dream. And if I’m honest, I’ve had doubts of it coming to pass. I mean, this was years ago. This dream consisted of me owning a place where children with special needs and their families could come and receive therapy along with learning about God’s love. Well, fast forward and I am working in pediatric outpatient clinics for 14 years. You can see why I was having doubts. But I never gave up on it!

Now, let’s start the journey to fulfilling this dream! Sometimes you wonder if you should be doing more to make these dreams happen sooner. I will be honest with you. I definitely don’t have that answer but I do know that in the last few months God has taken me on a journey that I believe is starting to fast forward this vision. I believe all my years with work has given me tools to use for my business. So let’s begin where events started to happen. Last year I stepped forward and while I was still working at a clinic, I started my own business on the side. I called it Local Pediatric Physical Therapy, LLC. I had no idea how anything was going to work. How was I going to see patients while still working full time? Would anyone even want to hire me to see their sweet kiddos? So many questions and no definitive answers. Just full of faith in what God was telling me. Well, I applied to the secretary of state and just as my business was officially legal, I got notice from work just a few weeks later that we had to be vaccinated or receive a religious exemption to remain working there. At this time, my husband and I had not felt God wanted us to get a vaccination but had no real evidence as to why other than it was still early in the stages of making. Let me describe how I felt at this moment, so many emotions. I walked into work, opened my email, and there sat this message. I couldn’t tell if my heart sunk or soared. So many things ran through my mind. On one hand was all the facts: how would my family make it financially, how would we get insurance, what would my patients do, etc.? On the other hand, was this the step forward God was using to push me out of the large corporate world and further into my own business? It also meant that I could finally have time with my boys! But then I felt guilty because I should want my job to work out for my family. Was I not getting the vaccine because I didn’t want to work full time anymore? Was it a way out, so to speak? Ugh! The inner turmoil was high! My husband and I prayed and researched and came to the same conclusion. I would not get the vaccine. So, I felt I needed to write this exemption to at least try, right? I also realized that in writing the exemption I was ministering. If one person read my letter and the scripture I had quoted led them toward God, then it was worth it. I poured my heart into the letter and showed my children to always stand up for what you believe God is leading you to do even if it means you are ostracized. End result, I was let go.

So now my life outside of the 7 to 5:30 started. Don’t get me wrong, I know having kids and starting a business is a full time job. I am feeling it but now I could choose when to work and be there more for my kids. I was trying to do everything for them when I got home from work and was exhausted. Now I would have a little more control over that. Since I had already gotten my business started which was nothing short of a miracle as it takes several weeks to be official, I could get the ball rolling. I thought I am on God’s path and it would boom! Well, it did not boom. Instead we were crawling. I had a few patients but not enough to cover financial needs. A couple months passed and we were tanking. Through all of this, God was giving me a peace that I truly did not understand. Why would I not be doing well if I was following Him. I would constantly get words that would continuously let me know He was there and guiding me but why did it look like this? Finally, we made the hard decision to sell our house. I remember standing and crying as my husband held me. We had brought 2 of our children home to this house from the hospital and this was the longest I had lived anywhere. Being a preacher’s daughter, I had moved so much with 3 years being the longest I had lived anywhere. Well, here we go. Let’s do this was basically our motto. We found an amazing realtor who was also a Godsend by the way. We sold our house in one weekend! With this crazy market and God’s hand on our situation, we had enough equity to get ourselves out of some debt and secure a home for a while. New house, new start… Everything happened so fast and now we are in a home that fits our needs so well. The heart continues to ache for what was lost but God is holding our family. The boys have seen it as an adventure and I am learning to follow their lead! Sometimes God asks us to let go so He can show us higher places. Oh and a house with stairs is the only way to go for our boys apparently. It was the only requirement of the new house, haha!

I believe God has used all of this to build the people He wants us to be in order to fulfill His plans. So now we are here in the new house starting our businesses with money that God provided. My husband also has a new business, LocalTimes Digital Marketing. I was now able to start a charity that God has laid on my heart. This charity will allow all children to receive physical therapy. I will be able to do two week intensive therapy with each child allowing more children to be reached. I have just received my official go ahead and my charity is called Suarez Cares Inc. I am so excited! Pieces are beginning to fall into place. However, it is just the beginning and it is not all figured out. But I do see where God’s hand orchestrated and led us through so many things to allow for His vision to begin. He knows His plan and His song is being written through us. I don’t have the big place and I don’t have the financial backing but it is all starting. Stay tuned….

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