Physical Therapy Evaluation – A comprehensive assessment within your home of your child’s physical needs to include range of motion, strength, coordination, gross motor skills, and balance. The evaluation will help in establishing a personal treatment plan and how to address your needs.

Physical Therapy Treatment – A treatment session within your home one on one with your child to address all areas of need established within a plan of care. Sessions are typically one hour each.

Aquatic Therapy – A physical therapy treatment session performed in a pool setting. Many times children benefit from the pool setting as the water contains properties that help them meet their goals. The temperature can relax tone and the decrease in body weight can allow for improvement in balance and walking.

Intensive Therapy – Physical Therapy treatment offered 3x/week at 2 hour sessions each. Offered for 2-3 weeks at a time determined by need. Intensive therapy is designed to optimize the results of therapy and the potential of your child’s results.

Parent Strategy Session – Session designed to assist the parent in arranging home and equipment for the best positioning and mobility within the home.

Mommy & Me Classes – Classes scheduled as a group to answer everyday mommy questions and assist with encouraging movement. Classes offered for various age ranges designed for children with and without special needs. All mommies need tips for baby positioning to encourage gross motor skills.

Serial Casting Program – Our newest addition to services. Patients can receive a series of casts to aid in improving range of motion and alignment of their ankles which will help with form with all gross motor skills. They may receive single or bilateral casts depending on their doctor’s preference. Along with the cast placement, children will be treated a second session during the week with casts on to work on gross motor skills. A casting series typically lasts for 4-8 weeks depending on the child’s needs.

Call for scheduling for each service.

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